Service measured not by GOLD,
                           but by the GOLDEN RULE

Service measured not by GOLD,
          but by the GOLDEN RULE


Kinsley Brynn Fetter.   Passed on April 2, 2019    Born on April 3, 2019    8:33am     5 lbs 15 oz    19 in.
Kinsley is survived by her parents Matt and Courtney Fetter of Creston, Ohio;Grandparents Scott and Lisa Fetter of Smithville, Ohio;   Lance and SusanPowers of Lakeville, Ohio and Great Grandmothers Wanda Fetter of Smithville,Ohio; Donna Sammons of Lexington Kentucky.
On a headstone, the dash between a person’s birth date and their death dateis small but it reflects how they lived. Realistically, the dash is arepresentation of who we become because of all the people in our lives thatinfluence us. Kinsley never had a chance to put personality, achievements, ortime with her dash.   If Kinsley’s dash could represent all she would havebecome because of the influence of the loved ones around her the dash wouldlook something like this: adventurous, giving, athletic, passionate, sassy, adreamer, free, kind, a perfectionist, mischievous, great sense of humor,lover of animals, stubborn, a fixer, thankful and loving. (All thesepersonality traits were collected at Kinsley’s memorial from the ones whowould have been the biggest influences in her life.)
May we continue to live up to the memory of this sweet pea who has touched usall in such a short time and in a very special way.

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